The Assignment:

Painting and creating a friendly atmosphere for cats at PetSmart

The Execution:

I had the pleasure to team up with the Toronto Cat Rescue and PetSmart to volunteer and lend a helping hand to make “Adopt a Pet” a pleasurable experience for everyone, but especially the cats by creating a temporary “forever” home.

On a strict timeline of two days, I completely gutted and started with a little renovation and cleaning. Then I added a fresh colour of paint, then the fun began…. I let my creativity loose as I started to paint long blades of grass, paw print, silhouettes of cats, birds, trees and even a little fish area. To finish it off I added a little Ipad where the cats were able to freely paint on their own as they chased a little mouse across the screen painting little portraits with their paws.

Skills used

Graphic Design
Props and Special Effects

Materials used

  • Airbrush
  • Paint
  • Stencils