The Prop:

A professional firework launcher, where our client can launch fireworks remotely from the safety of their chair. But the special addition is this was completely Ironman Mark 3 inspired.

The Preparation:

I electrically wired and created my own circuit boards wired to switches allowing me to remotely control fireworks to set them off safely. I then customized everything with LED’s and pilot switches and put it in a customized Ironman case with built in arc reactor. As an added bonus I created another custom built Stark Industries firework box with authentic Ironman marvel T-shirt .

Skills used

Props and Special Effects

Materials used

  • Customized Ironman weathered case
  • Arc Reactor built in a cave being held captive by the Ten Rings
  • Varies switches and LED’s
  • Igniters with wires and other accessories
  • Foam for customized fit for all items in case
  • Key switches with customized key and Ironman hand
  • Ipad mini holder