Couple in Love

Description The Setting: Photograph couple in the beautiful autumn afternoon The Moment: As the leaves slowly change colour and fall off the trees I had the pleasure of capturing moments of love with a couple on a warm sunny autumn afternoon. Skills used PhotographyCamera RawLight Room Programs used

The Art of Death

Description The Setting: Silhouette of dying beautiful flower against the blue cloudy sky The Moment: Sometimes even death can be beautiful. Seeing this plant one afternoon we decided to capture the moment. Pushed against the cloudy blue sky it captures its beauty even in death. Skills used PhotographyCamera RawLight Room Programs used

The Pink Paddles

Description The Setting: Kayakers in water while sun begins to set The Moment: This shot was taken while kayaking on a warm summers night. The sun was setting and this was one of those beautiful moments where we were lucky enough to catch not only the sun setting but the little water droplets falling from…

The Hay Field

Description The Setting: Pumpkins and family fun at a Hay field The Moment: Capturing photos pumpkins and different squashes, also kids having fun climbing gigantic hay bails. Taking advantage of moments and capturing the beauty in pumpkins before they become jack-o-lanterns for Halloween. Skills used PhotographyCamera RawLight Room Programs used

Sunset on a Lake

Description The Setting: Sun setting on a hot summers night. The Moment: Capturing photos of a boat on a lake while the sun was setting was only the start to this little photo shoot. I took advantage of the sky and the sun setting behind the clouds in all these photos. Skills used PhotographyCamera RawLight…

Field of Solitude

Description The Setting: An empty muddy field, broken damaged trees, dark sky’s The Moment: This shot was taken on a wet summers afternoon. A field that seems to shoot off in the distance. Empty skies except for eagles perched in the trees. A feeling of gloom exists in this photo. Skills used PhotographyCamera RawLight Room…

Blue Crawfish

Description The Subject: A little blue crayfish in white sand The Moment: This moment was when we first received our little mascot for our studio. A little blue crayfish. We couldn’t resist having a little photo shoot with him. His name “BIG BLUE” Skills used PhotographyCamera RawLight Room Programs used

Puppy Love

Description The Subjects: Two little puppies cuddling in the grass. The Moment: This was one of those little adorable moments where we just had to take a photo of these little puppies after they were all tired from playing in the park. Skills used PhotographyCamera RawLight Room Programs used

Autumn Basket

Description The Event: Creating custom decoration, a fresh festive feel for autumn. The Preparation: I used a wooden basket stuffed with Spanish moss with two mini pumpkins inside. Surrounding the basket is orange mesh net and various squashes, with artificial foliage. Skills used PhotographyEvent Co-ordinationMarketing Materials used Wooden Basket Pumpkins and Squashes Orange mesh net Artificial leaves and foliage