St. George’s Society Bar Menu

Description The Subject: Custom drink sign for bar advertisement for St. George’s Society annual celebration The Item: I designed a custom sign for the St. George’s Society annual celebration BBQ. While designing this sign I used the colours of the actual drink “Polar Pond” in our menu to give that icy chill refreshing feeling. Skills used Graphic DesignMarketingTypography Programs used

Pumpkin Seed Dispenser

Description The Event: Decorating for Halloween at Yellow Pages we modified a bubble gum machine, insert pumpkin seeds and created a pumpkin Dracula dispenser. The Preparation: I created a digital mock up before and after with final product of the bubble gum machine I modified for Halloween at Yellow Pages. Skills used Graphic DesignProps and Special EffectsMarketingTypography…

Amir Uddin Banners

Description The Subject: I created online website banners for Amir Uddin The Item: I created a few website banners to promote Amir Uddin, and spread his personal training business. I created social network profiles for him on various websites, designed these stylish banners and shared with the world wide web. Skills used Graphic DesignMarketingTypography Programs used